April 16, 2012

ququmber ququmber
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Extending QWebInspector


Is there a way to extend QWebInspector? For example, i want to expand all nodes in the DOM viewer. As i can see QWebInspector doesn’t provide any useful methods to modify its behaviour.

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April 18, 2012

ququmber ququmber
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Looked into webkit source code. Web Inspector implemented with C++, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
Apparently, all this compiled in one libQtWebKit.so
The only way i can imagine to modify qwebinspector behaviour is to add/redefine some its JavaScript methods in runtime. But i doesn’t know how to evalute JavaScript in the context of WebInspector…

April 19, 2012

AcerExtensa AcerExtensa
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Maybe you should ask this on WebKit forums, I don’t think you can do this over Qt without making modifications/extending WebKit source…

P.S.: If you find something, please let me know, I’m interesting in that too…


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