April 8, 2012

fs_tigre fs_tigre
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Rounding up numbers



I have been trying to round up some numbers but I cannot figure it out. What I have is a little program that when a button is clicked it gets information form 7 input fields and then it makes the following calculations.

  1. void MainWindow::on_pushButton_Calculate_clicked()
  2. {
  3.      // input fields
  4.     QString partW = ui->lineEdit_PartWidth->text();
  5.     QString partL = ui->lineEdit_PartLength->text();
  6.     QString sheetW = ui->doubleSpinBox_SheetWidth->text();
  7.     QString sheetL = ui->doubleSpinBox_SheetLength->text();
  8.     QString clamp = ui->doubleSpinBox_Clamp->text();
  9.     QString kerf = ui->doubleSpinBox_Kerf->text();
  10.     QString web = ui->doubleSpinBox_Web->text();
  12.     //converting inputs to numbers and adding some other factors
  13.     partWidth = partW.toFloat() + kerf.toFloat();
  14.     partLength = partL.toFloat() + kerf.toFloat();
  15.     sheetLength = sheetL.toFloat() - (web.toFloat()* 2);
  16.     sheetWidth = sheetW.toFloat() - (clamp.toFloat() - .5);
  18.     partsY = sheetWidth / partWidth;
  19.     partsX = sheetLength /partLength ;
  21.     totalParts = partsY * partsX;
  23.     ui->label_TotalParts->setText(QString::number(totalParts));
  24. }

Everything is working as it should the only thing is that I want to round up partsY and partsX so that when they are multiplied there are no decimal numbers.

I tried modifying the following line…

  1. totalParts = round(partsY) * round(partsX);

but it doesn’t work.

I know it may be hard to know whats wrong without seeing the actual code but can someone give it a shot?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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April 8, 2012

koahnig koahnig
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The rounding method is called qRound [qt-project.org] .

April 8, 2012

Jeroentje@home Jeroentje@ho..
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I would suggest to round after the multiplication. That is more accurate. qRound is the way to go, so this should work:

  1. totalParts = qRound(partsY * partsX);

If you don’t want to use the QRound the basic way is to have a float value, add (positive value) or subtract 0,5 (negative value) and typeconvert into a int.
  1. if(partsY * partsX < 0)
  2.    iTotalParts = (int)((partsY * partsX) - 0,5);
  3. else
  4.    iTotalParts = (int)((partsY * partsX) + 0,5);



Greetz, Jeroen

April 8, 2012

fs_tigre fs_tigre
Ant Farmer
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I was trying to use qRound when I realized that this could be just a metter of changing my variable type from float to int in fact it did the trick.

Thank you all very much for your help.

April 9, 2012

Andre Andre
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Note that changing the variable type will not result in “natural” rounding. It will result in flooring values. So, 2.9999 will be “rounded” to 2, not 3.


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April 9, 2012

fs_tigre fs_tigre
Ant Farmer
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That is actually what I want. But thanks a lot for the clarification.

I love this forum!

Thanks a lot

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