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July 10, 2010

Milot Shala Milot Shala
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As for visas, it is very complicated here in Kosova as well!

Right now I am hoping to attend Qt Dev Days 2010, I really want to be there this year :D

July 12, 2010

Andre Andre
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Alexandra Leisse wrote:
Andre wrote:
Why is it difficult for eastern Europeans to travel to an event like the Qt Dev Days? They are organized in M√ľnchen, Germany, as well as in the States.

It can be a terrible hassle to get visa in time. I have written several invitation letters to attendees of developer sprints and – trust me – it's complicated.

Ah, ok. I had not realized people were talking Eastern Europe as in that far east. My fault. I usually associate Eastern Europe with countries like Poland, Check Republic, Estonia, Bulgaria… All of those are no longer an issue in terms of travel. But yes, of course there are many more for who visa issues do exist.


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