February 15, 2012

sweety sweety
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simple 2d graphics using qt


hello,i m quite new to qt.I m developing a project which is supposed to display vector image in a visualizer..the project contains visualizer class inherited from QMainWindow.
Main.cpp creates visualizer object “visualizer w and w.show”
visualizer.ui contains a menubar,toolbar,Qtreeview and QtabWidget.
I have another vecImg class that reads vector file and stores points,lines n polygon info. I want to display the info of vecImg class in
QTabWidget of the ui.
main.cpp calls visualizer which in turn invokes vecImg.cpp

I tried inheriting vecImg from QWidget and override paintEvent to draw lines on tabWidget but that didn’t work.

What should I do to draw vecImg containing info on QTabWidget of the visualizer.ui?

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February 15, 2012

Jake007 Jake007
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Maybe this [developer.qt.nokia.com] is (QGraphicsPolygonItem) what you are looking for.
There is also an example “Diagram Scene Example” in Qt Creator on how to use it.
Hope it helps.



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February 24, 2012

sweety sweety
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Hey thanks,QGraphicScene class helped me!
its working !

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