February 3, 2012

Vass Vass
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Harmattan Native look DatePicker



Few months ago I wrote about TimePicker [developer.qt.nokia.com].
Yesterday, I finished develop DatePicker component.

You can download code from Gitorious: Harmattan Native Look Components [gitorious.org]
And learn more in article in my blog: Presentation of MeeGo Harmattan Native Look TimePicker and DatePiker components [va-sorokin.blogspot.com]



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February 3, 2012

Andre Andre
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Great! Thanks!

/me is wondering why native pickers are not available by default to begin with…


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February 6, 2012

mlong mlong
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Beautiful work on both components! Thanks!


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February 19, 2012

LangstoniusRex LangstoniusR..
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looks awesome :) Nice work!

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