February 1, 2012

Tom_as Tom_as
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QProcess freezen



I work in Qt program to control running processes. Unfortunately this kind of process program freezes.

  1. p_control_stunnel = new QProcess (this);
  2.     p_control_stunnel->execute("cmd", QStringList() << "tasklist | find  \"stunnel.exe\"");

I also tried this:

  1. p_control_stunnel = new QProcess (this);
  2.     p_control_stunnel->start("tasklist /v /fo csv | find  \"stunnel.exe\" ");

Unfortunately, as soon as the program runs the entire freezes. debugger did not help.

Please help

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February 1, 2012

broadpeak broadpeak
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The problem is the pipe!
Instead, you have to run tasklist as one process and pass the resulting data to another process running the find stunnel.exe.

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