February 1, 2012

hartdrooz hartdrooz
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Restfull Service or SOAP



I’m a .Net programmer, I did a lot of WCF service SOAP and Restfull and know I have a new project that need to be cross-platform.

So I’m wondering if it’s possible with Qt to create a NetWorkService that is like Restfull or SOAP like WCF in .Net.


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February 2, 2012

AcerExtensa AcerExtensa
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No, only Clients. I’ve used SOAP under C# and I can say you, you will get headache with WebServices under C++…

QtSOAP(Client) you can find here [qt.nokia.com]


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February 3, 2012

sierdzio sierdzio
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Or use the still developed and maintained KD SOAP [kdab.com], it has some server capabilities, too. As a last resort, you can try gSOAP [cs.fsu.edu].



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