January 25, 2012

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How to install QtHelp in linux??


I have been trying on and off for over a week to install eric5 IDE. I have installed Qt several times along with sip and several other apps, not to mention QT SDK. i have filled well over 1 gig of hard drive space and still no QtHelp. I get an error msg every time i try to load eric, QtHelp not found?????. I have loaded several different flavors of QT and still no go. Has anyone ever successfully loaded Qthelp on a Ubuntu Linux machine. I have spent countless hours on google searching in vain for the answer. I have seen numerous people posting the same question, but have not as yet found an answer. I have been a computer hobbyist for over 30 years, but after this I am thinking of switching to knitting.

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  ‹‹ cacheStatistics is not a member of ’QFont’      [SOLVED] GUI has a console window ››

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