December 1, 2011

gvlahakis gvlahakis
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Minimum required Qt Mobility version


Hi all,

relatively new in QT development and have a simple question for you.

Basically developed and published application using Qt Mobility 1.2.

Now testing the application on a clean device I realize that the mapping component doesn’t work as expected unless Qt Mobility 1.2 is installed.

So, is there a way to publish the application with Qt Mobility 1.2 (bundled) or somehow ask the user to update?

Other options?



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December 6, 2011

ifewalter ifewalter
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When you package for the Symbian platform, you should do publish with smart installer bundled. If you have Qt creator 2.2 the process is straight forward, simply publish for the Nokia store submission.

Smart installer will detect the needed libraries and install them on the user device at install time.



December 9, 2011

gvlahakis gvlahakis
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Thanks for that. In essence I am doing exactly that with no success. Ovi store requires Smart Installer packages, but even so I got a package that when installed on a device without mobility 1.2, it simply continues installing but the mapping does not work as expected.

Thank you again

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