November 17, 2011

kidproquo kidproquo
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Language filtering in “New Posts” list


Is it possible to have an optional filter for the “New Posts” list to only show posts in languages the user is interested in?

Unfortunately I can only speak English but my new posts list is sometimes >50% other languages. Perhaps a preference page with checkboxes for each of the international sub-forums indicating whether or not to include them.


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November 17, 2011

rokemoon rokemoon
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Join to you, have the same question.

November 17, 2011

Eddy Eddy
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I think there has been a suggestion for this in the bug tracker already.

You could search for it there and vote for it.


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November 18, 2011

mariusg mariusg
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Yep, we have this on the wish list. Can’t make promises just yet though.


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