October 6, 2010

ncsunickv ncsunickv
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QStaticText support for QWidget and Creator integration request



I work mainly with embedded devices—Windows CE. Performance is a major issue that I have to deal with. In 4.7, it appears that QStaticText was added, which seems to have given noticeable performance increases. Was wondering if this could be extended in the form of a check-box, or something to this effect in Creator, for standard QWidget items, such as a push button, label, etc…? Being that we’re using widgets, and not implementing our own paint overrides, if there was a way to have this more automatic, this may be advantageous to standard forms.

Or, if this is already possible, is there an easy way to do this, or modify some core code for this type of change? Thanks,


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October 16, 2010

anselmolsm anselmolsm
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Hi Nick!
I think the best thing to do is to report your request in the official Qt bug tracker [bugreports.qt.nokia.com]. There you have the guarantee a Qt developer you take a look at your request =)


Anselmo L. S. Melo (anselmolsm)

October 17, 2010

ncsunickv ncsunickv
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Sounds good, will do. Thanks.

October 18, 2010

ZapB ZapB
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Even better would be to get a git clone of Qt source tree, patch it yourself and file a merge request.


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October 19, 2010

Benjamin Poulain Benjamin Poulain
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Yep, I also think you’d better look into this yourself and make a merge request. I don’t think such a task will have a high priority since developers are moving away from QWidget and are working on QML.

The problem of such a task is that it requires to modify the rendering of each widget to use QStaticText. In each case, some consideration have to be taken regarding memory consumption for the typical use of the widget.

What you are asking, the ability to dynamically use QStaticText, is also of difficult because it doubles lots of path in rendering and model handling.

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