November 14, 2011

rickpier rickpier
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test Quick3D app outside dev environement


I want to show a quick3D qml with qmlviewer in a laptop for a presentation.

How can I do that without installing dev environnement on this laptop?

(I copy all needed dll, however in qmlviewer I get module qt3D is not installed)

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April 26, 2012

hmuelner hmuelner
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See my answer to the question Qt dll deployment on windows []. And you have to start qmlviewer with the option -opengl.


Helmut Mülner

April 27, 2012

Konstantin Podsvirov Konstantin Podsvirov
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On windows, you should create a folder with the contents:
./Qt3D – folder from QTDIR/imports
./main.qml – Your presentation
./and other depends

If you want to load .3ds scene, then add the folder:
./sceneformats – folder from QTDIR/plugins

For example, main.qml:

  1. import QtQuick 1.1
  2. import Qt3D 1.0
  3. import Qt3D.Shapes 1.0
  5. Viewport {
  6.     width: 480; height: 320
  8.     Teapot {
  9.         effect: Effect {
  10.             color: "gold"
  11.         }
  12.     }
  13. }

Now run Your presentation:
> qmlviewer -opengl main.qml

Good luck!

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