October 6, 2010

Crazy Sage Crazy Sage
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Tabbing order and buddies for Qt-Designer custom widget plugins.


Hi all, I’ve met following problem. I’ve made plugin for qt designer with my custom widget, as said in docs, but I can’t set my plugin as buddy in designer and I can’t include it in tabbing order. How should I improve (or just configure) my plugin for this options to be available?

And yes, I’m using Qt 3.3 and it’s impossible for my project to be upgraded to qt4.

Best regards, Gleb “Crazy Sage” Igumnov

Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural branch

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October 20, 2010

Volker Volker
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As far as I remember for the tab order problem it is necessary for the widget to get focus via tab. You should check QWidget::setFocusPolicy() [doc.qt.nokia.com]

You should set them in your custom widget’s constructor. There’s no need to define this in the plugin code.

Maybe that solves the buddy problem too. It’s definitely possible, we’ve done these two back in our Qt 3 times and had no problems.

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