October 29, 2011

Mohsen Mohsen
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Text Encryption and Decryption


i need to encrypt my data with a given key (not hash) and reback to its orginal form by the same key. what is the best solution in Qt?



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October 29, 2011

koahnig koahnig
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You have seen the thread started by Andre?

He has published a simple crypt program [developer.qt.nokia.com] .

October 29, 2011

maciej maciej
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You may be also interested in QCA [delta.affinix.com]


Earth is a beta site.

May 6, 2014

movemove9 movemove9
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See this post [qt-project.org] , I answered on another thread, Botan is great for fast encyption/decryption

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