October 16, 2011

john_god john_god
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Porting from symbian to meego


I’m trying to port my app to meego harmattan. My app is regular Qt based, the main window ui is somewhat simple, basically a file menu, a toolbar and other stuff. In symbian the ui is ok, but compiling to meego, the ui look very ugly, like a shrinked desktop app, the menus are so small. I guess the way to go is to change to QML, but since I’m still not very confortable with QML I was trying to use the same code. So I guess I will have to start a QML app from scratch ? I must admit I’m still not a great QML fan, I rather use the designer than have to code the UI, also I still fing the QML designer somewhat limited.


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October 16, 2011

qtrahul qtrahul
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See here : Porting to Qt [developer.nokia.com]

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