Meltemi - new mobile OS by Nokia for low-end phones


April 2, 2012

Jayakrishnan.M Jayakrishnan..
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I don’t know how stable Qt 5.0 is. I have read that Qt 5.0 will be released sometime this year. There are rumors that meltemi based phones will be released later this year. Symbian don’t support Qt 5.0. Then what else ? I just thought, may be Qt 5.0 should be supported on Meltemi.

June 14, 2012

leon.anavi leon.anavi
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leon.anavi wrote:
This is an interesting rumor but as we all know the road from rumors to a stable OS for the mass market is long and thorny.

It seems that Meltemi won’t make it to the mass market [] after the recently announced job cuts in Nokia [].



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