September 6, 2011

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Exist some Qt WinCE binaries


I have tried to compile for WinCE using Qt version 4.73, but always i have problems with nmake, my question is if someone who has a build to wince 6 or higher you can upload it and give me the link plz. Thanks

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September 6, 2011

mlong mlong
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What sort of problems do you have with nmake?


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September 6, 2011

SimonL SimonL
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We managed to have a build for our WinCE 6 for arm4vi after a fair bit of messing around we’ve since switched to Embedded Linux However so most of our WinCE work is gone. I might be able to give you some hints towards your build. I think its interesting that its easier for me to build apps for my Android based tablet then it ever was for WinCE6

September 9, 2011

Lab Rat
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The biggest problem with WinCE 6 is that there is no “standard” SDK.

If you look into the mkspec folder
there is a wince60standard-armv4i-msvc2005 subfolder
(to compile for windows ce 6.0 with msvc2005)
BUT you have to change the qmake.conf to reference your specific windows CE sdk, changing:
into (if for example the Windows CE 6 SDK for your device is named MARVELLPXA)

Then the setcepaths.bat does not support Windows CE 6.0
so BEFORE launching nmake to compile the Qt libraries
you will have to use checksdk.exe directly with something like this:
checksdk.exe -sdk “MARVELLPXA (ARMV4I)” -script tmp_created_script_setup.bat 1>NUL

checksdk.exe (located in Qt’s bin subfolder) generates the batch file tmp_created_script_setup.bat with the environment variiables redefinitons pointing to the include and lib files, that’s why
you have to execute it after checksdk and before launching nmake.

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