August 8, 2011

andrewgatt andrewgatt
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Compiling QtQuick3D


OK so i’m having problems compiling qtquQk3d from source.

I’m using windows XP and have the binary library installed, 4.7.3 for mingw 4.4. It works fines and i’ve been using it to compile programs. So I downloaded the qtquick3d noarch source, opened the project and ran build. It does it’s thing for a while and throws up an error about not being able to find some header files. Namely any header file in the Qt3D folder, which make has just copied to 4.7.3/includes/Qt3D !

I can fix these errors by modifying the offending source code and putting “Qt3D/” in front of all the include declarations, but there are a lot of them and I don’t want to have to do this everytime I check out the source. Is there something i’m missing? Maybe I just need to add an include path into the project file, but I didn’t want to fiddle too much as other people must be compiling this.

So does anyone have any ideas!?

(edit) I should also add that i’ve tried this against the SDK and the library binary both with the same results

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August 9, 2011

Kypeli Kypeli
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The developers of Qt Quick 3D respond quite fast on the qt-3d mailing list. Maybe you can try there too.

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