September 11, 2010

FreemanAMG FreemanAMG
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Se habla español? (Looking for spanish speaking developers)


I was attracted to QT development for my interest in creating apps for Maemo. Now, the only Maemo device in market is the N900, and this was a device not officially released for most of latin american countries. Even when I realize QT is not just for mobile development, I was curious about how many spanish speaking developers could be in this Forum. I’m thinking there should be only a few QT-Maemo Developers in my country (I’m Living in Mexico City), and not so many “latinos” over here. So, are you or do you know someone like this around here?

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September 11, 2010

Gute Gute
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Hi, I speak spanish, I’m from Chile, but I develop desktop applications, and just a littles test apps for symbian (my nokia cellphone)

September 11, 2010

anselmolsm anselmolsm
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I there. I’m from Brazil, so I speak Portuguese =P. But I try to speak Spanish – still need a lot of improvement, though.

There are some guys from Mexico in the KDE community, others in Argentina, Chile. Since KDE is built on top of Qt, we can consider them Qt developers (mainly for desktop). Across the ocean, there are guys doing a nice work in Spain, for example the libbluedevil [] & bluedevil [] developers.

Also, there is a project being created with Qt by Argentinian and Uruguayan developers called DelphOS [] (main project page seems offline, however there are some pictures on flickr [] and an IRC channel #delphos @ freenode).

Here in Brazil there is a growing community, most of them working on KDE and we are trying to spread it to reach more developers, including for mobile platforms.


Anselmo L. S. Melo (anselmolsm)

September 13, 2010

Alexandra Alexandra
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I hope you have read my ramblings about a coming feature called “Groups & People”. It’s my personal pet feature here. ;)

To make it short: it will bring the functionality needed to form sub-circles around languages, regions and interest. Maybe that’s something you can use to grow your Spanish/Latin contact base?


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September 16, 2010

lrazo lrazo
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Hello I’m from Mexico too, however I’ve some years living abroad. So, I’m just starting to use Qt for a personal research mobile multi-agent systems (MAS) based project (desktop and mobile). I’m just trying to use Qt/C++ as an alternative of Java with the aim of create a Qt-based framework for MAS and cloud development. So, I speak Spanish too.


December 21, 2010

mkfnx mkfnx
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I’m also a spanish speaker Qt developer and living in Mexico City :D.

I think that there are more spanish speakers Qt developers that it seems but it’s just that there was not a central community place in which we can share our thoughts, projects or have a nice conversation. This is happening here in the Qt DevNet thanks to features like groups and local forums. You should check the Qt Latam Group [], the Qt Spain Group [] and the Spanish Forum [].

Also, a while ago I started the website Zona Qt [] trying to address this, and we have made some progress, we were able to conform a translation team, provide some basic Qt learning material and solve some questions in discussion forums.

The main response for the site came from Spain and South America, and mexican people aren’t as active creating as we’re consuming, so I’ve been missing some local people to spread and collaborate with Qt locally. I think it could be nice to meet us and try to start some projects. What do you think?

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