April 2, 2012

victoryfox victoryfox
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Load multiple files from directory in memory


Using QFileDialog how can i

a) open multiple files from a given directory on the local hard disk?


- open dir – in that dir search for the following files: Tables.sql , Indexes.sql , Views.sql,…etc. Anyway, these are hardcoded. – if they not found -> error msg, else: – load every file in memory.

b) save every file to memory for later processing. I thought of QByteArray?


While i parse for example: Tables.sql, i will need for some tables also their indexes,..etc. SO i thought the best way would be to load files to ByteArrays.

Thanks in advanced

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April 2, 2012

TheDestroyer TheDestroyer
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Just use a QFile or fstream, and loop over all the files in the directory, and open them 1 by 1…! then do everything you wanna do with them!

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