How can I cross-compile Qt/Embedded with Phonon support?

In order to be able to have Phonon support then you will need to either obtain the following libraries already cross-compiled for the hardware that you wish to use it on or you need to cross-compile them yourself:

  • libxml2 v2.7.7 or later
  • libcheck v0.9.8 or later
  • liboil v0.3.2 or later
  • gstreamer v0.10.0 or later
  • gst-plugins-base v0.10.0 or later

The following can be installed with Buildroot:

  • glib v2.16 or later
  • libpng (optional)
  • libtiff (optional)
  • libjpeg (optional)

For extra audio and video formats then you also need to cross-compile the following:

  • gst-plugins-good v0.10.0 or later
  • gst-plugins-ugly v0.10.0 or later

When it comes to building Qt with Phonon support it also requires that your toolchain includes the tool “pkg-config”. Phonon uses pkg-config to retrieve the location and build flags of its dependencies. Then you need to set your PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to refer to the directories that contain your embedded libraries pkconfig files. You can then cross-compile Qt as normal by setting up the environment variables necessary so that all the include files and library files can be found.

When configuring Qt, just ensure that you have the options:

  1. -glib -phonon -phonon-backend

included so that Phonon is configured for in this build of Qt.

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