How can I add version information to my application?

You can use the qmake variable VERSION to add version information to your library or application. See the documentation on the qmake VERSION variable []

When creating a .dll with a version number embedded then this is done by setting

  1. VERSION = x.y.z.

in the .pro file. This will also cause the major version number to automatically be placed in the target filename. For example, when setting

  1. VERSION = 2.0.5
  2. TARGET = mylib

the output file is called mylib2.dll.

In order to remove the version number from the target name, then you can use the TARGET_EXT [] variable. For instance, setting the output filename without the major version number on Windows can be done by setting it like this:

  1. TARGET_EXT = .dll

On Windows, you can alternatively create a resource file [] and specify this as part of your application using:

  1. RC_FILE = foo.rc

Note that the version information will not be part of the target filename.

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