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  1. How can I convert a QString to char* and vice versa?
  2. What is the Qt Visual Studio add-in?
  3. How can I do drag and drop in a widget?
  4. How to compress data with Qt?
  5. How can I draw vertical text?
  6. How can I build 64 bit Qt on a 32 bit system ?
  7. What does the syntax CONFIG(debug,debug|release) mean ? What does the 1st argument specify and similarly what is the 2nd ?
  8. How can I handle events in the titlebar and change its color etc ?
  9. How can I add SSL support to my Qt application?
  10. Is Qt compatible with .NET?
  11. Do you provide a tool for creating graphs?
  12. Why does a statically built Qt use the dynamic Visual Studio runtime libraries ? Do I need to deploy those with my application ?
  13. Why do I get the error 'libpq-fe.h': No such file or directory when trying to build the psql plugin?
  14. How can I use one horizontal scrollbar to scroll several QGraphicsViews?
  15. How can I add version information to my application?
  16. How can I detect in the .pro file if I am compiling on a 32 bit or a 64 bit platform?
  17. How can I find subitems in a QTreeWidget using findItems?
  18. Intellisense does not work for my Qt application. What's wrong?
  19. How can I insert a checkbox into the header of my view?
  20. How can I resize a QDockWidget programatically?
  21. Use of setCellWidget (in QTableWidget) and signal connections
  22. How can I align the checkboxes in a view?
  23. How do I make a Qt application make a 'beep' sound?
  24. How can I get debug output from my Qt applications?
  25. How do I add a custom Info.plist to my Mac application with qmake?
  26. How can I trigger the parent widget to resize when its child widget is resized programmatically?
  27. How can I create transparent labels and buttons where the window's background pixmap shines through the label?
  28. How can I create a QDialog that has no minimize, maximize and close buttons in the titlebar?
  29. How can I convert a colored QPixmap into a grayscaled QPixmap?
  30. How to build pdb for release version of Qt?
  31. Do you have integration with Xcode ?
  32. Does qmake have support for pkg-config?
  33. Example of how to style QToolBox with QStyle
  34. Why is Qt released under LGPL?
  35. How does Qt pick a font for the application?
  36. MSVCRTD.lib(cinitexe.obj) : warning LNK4098: defaultlib msvcrt.lib conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library -- What does this mean and how can I fix it?
  37. How can I span the headers in my QTableView ?
  38. How can I make a QComboBox have multiple selection?
  39. How can I change the width of the scrollbar of QWebView?
  40. How can I move a window around when using Qt::FramelessWindowHint?
  41. Is it possible to set a header and footer when printing a QTextDocument?
  42. How can I change the row height of a QTreeView?
  43. How can my stylesheet account for custom properties?
  44. How can I set up my environment for building Qt/Qt applications with MinGW?
  45. How do I enable the touch screen in Qt for Embedded Linux?
  46. How can I create a one-line QTextEdit?
  47. How can I catch Alt+F4 in my Qt application ?
  48. How can I detect in the .pro file if I am compiling for a 32 bit or a 64 bit platform?
  49. How do I make text follow the line/curve and angle of the QPainterPath?
  50. Is Qt binary compatible?