Rubber ducking

Oh look, you've got a rubber duck now! Isn't it a lovely toy? And did you notice it squeakes?
But maybe you wonder what else to do with it?

Let's start with the obvious: you can take it into the bathtub. It floats and if you make it squeak under water you can watch it release bubbles.

In case you share your home with a toddler or two, your duck might keep them busy long enough to read the news. Particularly in combination with the bathtub. And don't worry, the duck is safe to nibble on.

But hey, you're a developer, right? There must be more to it...

Enter the rubber duck debugging method.

Now imagine yourself wondering about this mysterious error. You just can't seem to figure out what you did wrong. Take the duck from your desk, look at your code and explain to the duck - line by line - what it does. Rubber ducks are extremely patient and always happy to help.

And trust us, it works. We have tried.