All C++ APIs per Module

This page lists the C++ APIs in Qt. The All Modules page contains a list of all Qt modules.

QAxContainer C++ Classes

The QAxContainer module is a Windows-only extension for accessing ActiveX controls and COM objects.

QAxServer C++ Classes

The QAxServer module is a Windows-only static library that you can use to turn a standard Qt binary into a COM server.

Qt Android Extras C++ Classes

The Qt Android Extras module contains additional functionality for development on Android.

Qt Bluetooth C++ Classes

Enables basic Bluetooth operations like scanning for devices and connecting them.

Qt Concurrent C++ Classes

The Qt Concurrent module contains functionality to support concurrent execution of program code

Qt Core C++ Classes

Provides core non-GUI functionality.

Qt D-Bus C++ Classes

The Qt D-Bus module is a Unix-only library that you can use to perform Inter-Process Communication using the D-Bus protocol.

Qt Designer C++ Classes

Provides classes to create your own custom widget plugins for Qt Designer and classes to access Qt Designer components.

Qt Help C++ Classes

Provides classes for integrating online documentation in applications.

Qt GUI C++ Classes

The Qt GUI module provides the basic enablers for graphical applications written with Qt.

Qt Mac Extras C++ Classes

Provides classes and functions specific to Mac OS X and iOS operating systems.

Qt Multimedia C++ Classes

The Qt Multimedia module provides audio, video, radio and camera functionality.

Qt Network C++ Classes

Provides classes to make network programming easier and portable

Qt NFC C++ Classes

An API for accessing NFC Forum Tags.

Qt OpenGL C++ Classes

The Qt OpenGL module offers classes that make it easy to use OpenGL in Qt applications.

Qt Positioning C++ Classes

The Positioning module provides positioning information via QML and C++ interfaces.

Qt Print Support C++ Classes

The Qt PrintSupport module provides classes to make printing easier and portable.

Qt QML C++ Classes

The C++ API provided by the Qt QML module

Qt Quick C++ Classes

The Qt Quick module provides classes for embedding Qt Quick in Qt/C++ applications.

Qt Script C++ Classes

The Qt Script module provides classes for making Qt applications scriptable.

Qt Script Tools C++ Classes

Provides additional components for applications that use Qt Script.

Qt Sensors C++ Classes

Provides classes for reading sensor data.

Qt Serial Port C++ Classes

List of C++ classes that enable access to a serial port.

Qt SQL C++ Classes

Provides a driver layer, SQL API layer, and a user interface layer for SQL databases.

Qt SVG C++ Classes

The Qt SVG module provides functionality for handling SVG images.

Qt Test C++ Classes

Provides classes for unit testing Qt applications and libraries.

Qt UI Tools C++ Classes

Provides classes to handle forms created with Qt Designer.

Qt Widgets C++ Classes

The Qt Widgets module extends Qt GUI with C++ widget functionality.

Qt Windows Extras C++ Classes

Provides classes and functions for using some Windows APIs in a Qt way

Qt WebKit Widgets

The Qt WebKit Widgets module provides a web browser engine as well as C++ classes to render and interact with web content.

Qt X11 Extras C++ Classes

Provides classes for developing for the X11 platform.

Qt XML C++ Classes

The Qt XML module provides C++ implementations of the SAX and DOM standards for XML.

Qt XML Patterns C++ Classes

The Qt XML Patterns module provides support for XPath, XQuery, XSLT and XML Schema validation.