Qt 4.8 Docs now on Qt DevNet

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We have been mirroring a stable version of the Qt 4.7 documentation on the Qt Developer Network for a while. Our elves (read: Gurudutt, Pål, Thorbjørn, Bjørn and Jone together with Gunder, our designer, and Martin and Casper from the Qt doc team) spend a lot of time and effort on polishing and ironing out quirks. Now we are confident the features are ready for prime time.

Here on the Qt Developer Network, we release more or less every second week, independently from all the other stuff we release these days. This time however, it is a bit different. Today, Qt 4.8 was released, and with this latest Qt release the Qt 4.8 documentation is now officially hosted here at the Qt Developer Network.

What’s new then?

If you have used the documentation here before, it’s not a lot. We fixed some oddities and polished the looks. For all the people who stayed with the non-experimental version on doc.qt.nokia.com (you’re not using trolltech domains anymore, are you?) things will look slightly different.

The most important feature related to the documentation is certainly the ability to add notes to class references. They take anything related from tips and tricks to corrections to snippets explaining how to use this class. Every registered member with the rank of Ant Farmer and above can add notes, every registered member can rate them, and everyone on the interwebs can read them too, registered or not. And members with the rank of Hobby Entomologist and higher are able to moderate them if they end up in the moderation queue.

We also built in a bookmark feature (called Docmarks) that you can use for quick access to your favorite reference, provided you’re logged in. When writing on this site you can use this syntax for linking to latest doc: [ [ doc:widget ] ] Code snippets surrounded by @ will auto-link to classes used in the snippet.

But… but… but… What about my bookmarks?

No reason to worry; they will still be working. If you’re used to typing doc.qt.nokia.com/latest into your browser’s address bar, you will be redirected automatically. You can also try to change your habits and type developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/latest instead which will lead you to the same page. Try exchanging /latest with /stable, and voilà, works too. Same is true for /qt.

All is merry then?

Almost. We have some known issues that we hope to get the fixes into the next couple of releases, it shouldn’t take too long. The elves are hard at work.

  • the performance in IE8 is not quite where we think it should be
  • there are still some design issues with narrow screens
  • anchors to methods etc. currently use an id value instead of a human readable name
  • the doc front page will get an esthetic upgrade to make a better first impression

Chances are, you find more quirks. We have a dedicated project in JIRA (Web team) [bugreports.qt.nokia.com] for everything that is wrong with how we display the docs, and there is another one (Doc team) [bugreports.qt.nokia.com] for problems with the docs themselves.

All questions and comments are welcome in the Beta forum [developer.qt.nokia.com] as usual, and of course in the comments. Let us know what you think, don’t be shy.

Marius and me will join the rest of the gang now and have some proper Qt 4.8 cake!

PS. If you’re looking for points there is a lot of tagging to be had in the Qt 4.8 documentation ;)

Picture of njeisecke

December 15, 2011

njeisecke, Lab Rat

Hi! Are you going to migrate the 4.7 notes to 4.8? I guess most of them will still be valid.

Picture of Alexandra

December 15, 2011

Alexandra, Hobby Entomologist

I’ve heard that more often now. We’ll discuss the options here. I guess it does make sense for point releases.

Picture of Volker

December 15, 2011

Volker, Ant Farmer

Yes, it does :-)

Picture of Eddy

December 16, 2011

Eddy, Area 51 Engineer

Also the tags from 4.7 are not in 4.8?
Isn’t there a way to pump them over to the 4.8 ?

Picture of kiwidude

December 17, 2011

kiwidude, Lab Rat

Where has the “List all members” feature gone? The new docs look very pretty, but they are utterly impractical to developers (particularly newbies like me who need the docs the most). Instead it is now a random click and scrollfest up through a class hierarchy to find out if the particular widget you are using supports a particular member that you cannot remember the name of.

I didn’t like the way that “all members” was presented on the old style website (as you lost the separation of what were signals vs properties vs members), but at least I could see at a single glance every feature a particular class supported.

The docs are horribly depressing without it. Is there still a link to the old docs site somewhere, for those of us on say QT 4.7?

I use Qt via PyDev in Eclipse – there is NO practical intellisense, so the docs are the only way we have of seeing what an object supports. Python is bad enough, but you guys have just made it even harder for us.

Picture of mariusg

December 19, 2011

mariusg, Ant Farmer

kiwidude, while we fix and polish the doc here you can use:


Picture of kiwidude

December 19, 2011

kiwidude, Lab Rat

Awesome, thanks so much for the quick and extremely useful reply. Delighted there may be “hope” that some kind of “see everything this class supports” exists.

I well and truly understand the theory that the current way you presents things allows someone to see just what additions an inherited class adds. However there are other ways of doing that (such as making them bold, or putting a filter like you have done for obsolete methods). If I already know that I want to work with a QListWidget, and then want to hook up to a selection changed signal or whatever, I shouldnt have to walk back up to QWidget checking what each class along the way supports to figure out if it is what I want.

Many thanks for the ongoing work on the docs – as a part-timer in Qt they are my bible when I dabble with Open Source development.

Picture of mariusg

December 19, 2011

mariusg, Ant Farmer

For tags we will auto tag the class names at least, like we did for Qt 4.7 doc. And we will mark all current doc notes as valid for 4.8.

But first we have a series of bugs that needs fixing over at https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTWEBSITE Please add if you find something. We have fixed the missing “int” (blush) and we’re working on four other bugs today.

Picture of mariusg

December 19, 2011

mariusg, Ant Farmer

Thanks kiwidude, once we have the basics under control (especially slow JavaScript performance in IE) we shall cover more and more use cases. :)

Picture of mariusg

December 21, 2011

mariusg, Ant Farmer

In a few minutes we will roll out doc pages with the more familiar layout from doc.qt.nokia.com.

Anchors will work (qwidget.html#saveGeometry) and IE8 performance has been fixed.

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