The team is having buns!

LTR: Marius (Web Project Manager), Alexandra (Web Community Manager), Gurudutt (Release Manager) and Gunder (Design).

The Trollweb team.

LTR: Roy Andre Tollefsen, Bjørn Børresen, Kurt Inge Smådal, Jone Eide from www.trollweb.no

The Qt Project governs the open source development of Qt.

It allows anybody wanting to contribute to join the effort, through a meritocratic structure of approvers and maintainers.

All development is driven by the people contributing to the project. To learn more, visit our dedicated contribution page.

The Qt Developer Network is a resource for developers working on and with Qt.

The Qt Developer Network has derived from the old Developer Zone and parts of the Qt Labs to form what is to become our place for developers working with Qt. We strive to make developers’ lives easier!

The site brings all the basic features like forums, a wiki and different kinds of editorial content, including the FAQs maintained by our support team. All of this is tied together by a site wide tagging and rating system that makes discovery of relevant content simple and painless.

All content is readable for every visitor to the site, regardless if logged in or not. If you want to participate in discussions or contribute to our wiki you will need to register. Every action will then let you collect points which grant you more rights on the site over time and will help you build your reputation within the community.

We will keep developing our feature set based on our users’ input. Our goal is to build a platform that is easily extendable as needs change or grow.

However, the site is not meant to do everything. We want to focus on what is important and do it right. We will neither provide project hosting, nor a bug tracker. Have a look at our roadmap if you want to know where we’re heading.

If you think something is missing or want to get in touch with us, simply drop us an email. If you have a question please check our FAQ first.